Maine needs casino revenue


Now that we have had a chance to see that slot machines can generate money for Bangor, it is clear to me that slots can do the same for the whole state.

Your article, “Lights, money, action as slots open in Bangor,” of Nov. 4, reports that Hollywood slots in Bangor has 475 machines and shows that Bangor is receiving money. The rest of the state should be in on some of the action. It would help every city and town.

The article states that slots would generate about $100 million annually if we had a casino. The operator will keep roughly $61 million. The remaining $39 million will be disbursed by the state to various funds for harness racing, scholarships and other programs.

We already have gambling in lottery tickets, Powerball, Pick 3 and 4, scratch tickets, slot machines and horse racing. We should have a casino.

The reason I think that we haven’t allowed gambling is that we consider ourselves a vacation state. Some think that allowing gambling would change our quaint, innocent, vacation state into a hot, sinful vacation state. I don’t agree. We could be both. Slots would add revenue to the state of Maine.

Seems to work for Bangor; why not the rest of Maine?

Stacy Rich, Winthrop