Maine opioid task force ready to deliver recommendations


AUGUSTA — Maine’s Task Force to Address the Opioid Crisis is due to give its recommendations to the Maine Legislature this week.

The panel wrapped up its work last week, and is due to deliver its recommendations for combating the drug crisis by Wednesday. The recommendations, which have not yet been released, will focus on law enforcement, prevention and harm reduction, and treatment and recovery.

Law enforcement officials say 185 Mainers died of a drug overdose in the first six months of this year. Last year, the total number of deaths was 376.

Democratic Rep. Jay McCreight of Harpswell said that the statewide epidemic requires action and that “every day, we hesitate literally means the death of another Mainer.”


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  • david83272

    Polio was an epidemic. You have to be pretty intentional (and stupid) to put a needle into your arm and inject “who knows what” directly into your vein. Let natural selection run it’s course and the “drug epidemic” will handle itself.

  • FrankE

    I pray that these so called recommendations will take into consideration that there are some legitimate uses for these drugs. I’ve been taking them safely under the care of a doctor for twelve years. These are dangerous drugs. Why anyone would take them just for the sake of a high is beyond my grasp. I take very controlled doses and still have to undergo thorough testing monthly along with EKG’s to look for signs of liver, kidney and heart deficits. Liver and kidney failure will kill you just as dead as an overdose, but I’m not here to preach. I just want politicians to know that when they restrict or God forbid outlaw certain medications, (1) the cost to those who needs it goes up and (2) it does nothing to slow the flow of drugs. In the past two years, my costs have skyrocketed for my daily medications all due to LePages stupid restrictions. Fortunately the medical facilities have come to their senses on filling prescriptions. They have changed the rules to reduce the travel time to fill a prescription. When ever there is an emergency, knee jerk reactions always come out first, I could do without any more knee jerk reactions………………