Maine’s credit unions keep both members and the Earth happy!


Maine credit unions have understood the value of “going green” long before it was a widespread movement. Credit unions are encouraging their members to go green by offering special rates on loans for fuel efficient cars, alternative heating sources and energy efficient home improvements. In fact, a recent survey of Maine’s credit unions found that 70 percent offer some type of loan for weatherization and energy efficiency projects.

Credit unions also offer a variety of services that allow employees and members to cut back on the paper used to conduct transactions. Debit cards are not only convenient, they save paper needed for checks. Direct Deposit saves time and resources, not to mention late payment fees, while online bill pay will save both paper and the cost of a stamp!

Many credit unions also provide the option to receive E-Statements, getting your credit union statement to your email inbox instead of your mailbox. Many credit unions also offer eAlerts, a service which allows the credit union to electronically notify you about account transactions that you want to know about, such as a deposit, withdrawal, or when your account balance drops below a preselected amount. And with the increasing popularity and availability of mobile banking, money management is both portable and paper free!

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