Man accused of choking person


RANGELEY – A Rangeley man and his alleged victim both ended up in jail after one was accused of choking the other unconscious.

Curt Mercer, 20, of Main Street, was arrested Saturday on charges of assault and disorderly conduct.

The arrest followed an earlier incident when Rangeley police officers Brian Hughes and Dennis Leahy responded to a report of a drunk and disorderly person at 1:59 p.m. Saturday near the Rangeley Inn.

Mercer was intoxicated, Hughes said, and was upset over family matters. His mother arrived and took him home.

A short while later, police were called to Mercer’s Main Street apartment where there was a fight under way, Hughes said.

Mercer is accused of choking his sister’s boyfriend unconscious, Hughes said. His mother and sister intervened in the fight, he said.

The boyfriend, Daniel Nelson, 25, of Rangeley, ended up jumping out of the second-story window of Mercer’s apartment, but the impact of the fall knocked him unconscious again, Hughes said. Nelson was taken to Franklin Memorial Hospital in Farmington by ambulance.

Hughes went to the apartment building and found Mercer at the top of the stairs yelling and screaming.

Hughes said he ordered Mercer to the ground, but Mercer refused and started toward him.

“I had to take him down to the ground,” Hughes said. He said Mercer came after him again and he maced Mercer and put him under arrest.

Mercer was taken to Franklin Memorial Hospital for evaluation and then transported to Franklin County Detention Center in Farmington.

Nelson also ended up in jail after he was later arrested by the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department.

That arrest stemmed from Hughes’ investigation of a vehicle theft from outside Sarge’s Sports Pub and Grub overnight Saturday.

He got a tip Sunday night on the location of the vehicle, Hughes said.

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department stopped the vehicle in Somerville, and Nelson was driving it, Hughes said.

He was arrested by that department and faces a charge of unauthorized use of property, Hughes said.