Man arrested after police say he threatened to blow heads off


RANGELEY — An Oquossoc man was arrested on Tuesday after he threatened to blow the heads off police if they came to his camp again, Rangeley police Chief Dennis Leahy said Wednesday.

Police had responded to several complaints made against the man during the day Tuesday that led up to his arrest.

Timothy Gotto, 50, was arrested on a charge of criminal threatening and was taken to the Franklin County jail in Farmington, Leahy said.

Gotto was released Wednesday on $3,000 unsecured bail and is scheduled to appear on June 24 in a Farmington court.

Police received several calls about an intoxicated man hanging around the Oquossoc Grocery Store on Carry Road in Oquossoc, Leahy said.

About 1:40 p.m. Tuesday, a call came in that Gotto was causing a disturbance at the store, Leahy said.

Knowing of Gotto’s “violent” past history dealing with police, Leahy called in Franklin County Sheriff’s Sgt. Steve Lowell, Maine Warden Patrick Egan and several U.S. Border Patrol officers to assist with the situation.

A clerk at the store told police that Gotto tried to buy beer but didn’t have any money and she refused to sell to him because he was already intoxicated.

Gotto had left prior to police arrival and went to Koob’s Garage. When police arrived, Gotto was sitting in a chair in the bay area. He wasn’t causing a problem and the owner said he could stay there.

Police left the scene.

About two hours later, police received a call about a man harassing people going by on Route 17. A second call came in about a man lying in the highway on Route 17.

Representatives of the same law enforcement agencies again responded and searched the area but could not find Gotto, Leahy said.

Police went to Gotto’s nearby camp and found him passed out on a couch with several empty and partially empty beer containers nearby, he said.

Leahy awakened Gotto and he admitted to being in the roadway. He told police he was trying to get to downtown Rangeley, Leahy said.

Gotto was warned that if police had to be called out to deal with him again on Tuesday, he would be arrested, he said.

“He became argumentative then and he stated he wanted to fight officers,” Leahy said.

He also told them the next time police came to his camp he was “going to blow some heads off,” Leahy said.

He was ordered to stand up and he lunged toward officers, he said.

Leahy said both he and Lowell had their Tasers aimed at Gotto’s chest. He was placed under arrest and was ordered to turn around to be handcuffed, Leahy said.

Gotto refused and he continued to struggle as several officers rushed in to help put the handcuffs on him, Leahy said.

As he was being taken away, Gotto told him again, Leahy said, that he “was going to blow heads off any officers that come into his camp.”

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