Man charged with dealing prescription drugs


PARIS — A harassment complaint ended up leading to the arrests of two men on Wednesday, one on charges of dealing prescription drugs.

Richard L. Baker, 32, of Oxford Street, was charged with aggravated trafficking in illegal drugs. Police also charged Josiah James Heath, 31, of Oxford Street with violating bail conditions by possessing illegal drugs.

Lt. Michael Dailey of the Paris Police Department said in an affidavit that he heard officer Alan Coffin report that he was responding to a telephone harassment complaint involving Baker. Dailey said he recognized the address as Heath’s, and that he had a warrant for Heath’s arrest on a violation of bail charge.

Dailey said Baker initially refused to let Coffin into the residence, and that Coffin returned after Baker made another phone call to the complainant. Dailey accompanied Coffin to the house, along with Agent Zane Loper of the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency. Baker said he did not know if Heath was in the house, but told the police that there was a loaded gun in the house and allowed them to search the residence on Heath’s bail conditions.

Dailey said the gun was not where Baker said it would be, but that Heath surrendered soon after they entered. He said he had taken the gun to another part of the house, and a .45-caliber handgun was found with a round chambered and the safety off.

The search also discovered a safe box with approximately 55 capsules of lithium, which is prescribed to control manic episodes, and 360 capsules of Gabapentin, an anti-epileptic prescription. About 50 tablets of the anxiety medication clorbiazepoxide were found in a safe. Police also found hypodermic needles, spoons with residue suggesting that drugs were “cooked” in them, and a small amount of marijuana.

Dailey said neither Baker nor Heath had prescriptions for the pills. He said other evidence, such as pills packaged in bags or mixed together in prescription bottles, and the presence of a scale suggested that the pills were being sold. Baker’s trafficking charge was aggravated due to the presence of a firearm.

“It was clear based on some of the paraphernalia there that they weren’t being taken in the normal matter,” Dailey said on Thursday.

Heath made bail at the Oxford County Jail on Wednesday, while Baker remained there on Thursday afternoon.

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