Man hurt in Route 202 crash


LEWISTON — A 62-year-old man was rushed to Central Maine Medical Center Monday after his car swerved off Route 202 in Lewiston and rocketed about 75 feet across a lawn, landing in the trees on the other side.

Police did not disclose the identity of the man, who was the only occupant in the car. Maine State Police Trooper Elgin Physic said the driver was responsive to emergency workers at the scene, who needed to use machinery to cut the man out of his crumpled sedan.

An hour later, police officers and firefighters were trying to figure out what caused the crash.

The accident was reported at 11:55 a.m. It happened near 1648 Main St. in Lewiston, about 1,000 feet from the Greene town line.

When police arrived at the scene, the man was hurt and the car was embedded in a heavy thicket. A bumper from the man’s car was stuck in a tree.

Witnesses said the car struck a bank on the edge of the lawn at 1648 Main St. and was airborne. As it flew, it rolled, striking the ground on the passenger side, Physic said.

Bob and Helen Dam, who live at the house, arrived home a few minutes later. At first, with police and fire trucks lining up outside, they worried about the house they have lived in for 40 years.

“I thought I had forgotten something on the stove and the house had burned down,” Helen Dam said. Then she saw the car and its crumpled front section. Little damage was done to the lawn. Bits of sod from the initial impact littered their lawn, along with broken pieces of plastic from the car.

“We don’t care about this as long as he’s OK,” Dam said.

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