Man pleads not guilty to kidnapping, assault charges


FARMINGTON — A Farmington man pleaded not guilty Friday to holding a woman against her will, repeatedly beating her and burning her shirt and sheets in late February in an argument over something posted on Facebook.

Brian P. Smith, 24, pleaded not guilty to felony kidnapping, domestic violence assault and falsifying evidence. He was indicted on the charges Thursday.

Assistant District Attorney Andrew Robinson requested the bail remain the same at $10,000 cash or $50,000 worth of real estate.

He said the woman was tied up and assaulted multiple times. She was also made to remove her shirt, which had blood on it, and told it was sheets were to be burned so no evidence would be found.

Police found the rope used to tie her, burned remnants and multiple tissues with blood on them, Robinson said.

“This is was a horrific domestic violence assault,” he said.

Police previously said a fight developed between the two over something that was posted on Facebook.

Smith’s attorney, David Sanders argued for lesser bail.

“The kidnapping charge is troubling,” Sanders said. They only charged him with misdemeanor assault, he said.

Smith doesn’t have the ability to make the set bail, Sanders said. He does have the ability to pay $2,500, which is a significant amount in this case, he said.

Smith has no prior record, was in the military and honorably discharged, served in Iraq and is currently a member of the Maine National Guard, he said.

Robinson said Smith pushed the victim to the floor and choked her and continued to hit her in the face as she continued to bleed.

“This was horrific. This was a nightmare,” Robinson said, adding the bail amount reflects the conduct.

Justice Michaela Murphy kept the bail the same but did say Sanders could come back with a different bail proposal.

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