Man slips from hero to fugitive


LEWISTON – Less than two years ago, Jeffrey Alexander Glover was hailed as a hero for hauling an elderly man out of a burning building.

This week, Glover is at the top of Maine’s Most Wanted Web site after he failed to show up to serve a prison sentence for robbing a Big Apple convenience store last year.

Police said the 38-year-old Glover, of Park Street, was sentenced last week on a charge of robbery. He was given the weekend to get his affairs in order and was expected to report to prison officials on Monday. He didn’t show up, police said.

On Tuesday, warrants were issued for his arrest on a charge of failure to report for sentencing. Local, county and state police Tuesday night were searching for Glover, and the District Attorney’s Office said it will seek extradition if he is found in another state.

In January 2005, police say Glover went into the Big Apple on Lisbon Street and told the clerk he had a gun. Glover took money from the clerk, threatened to kill her and then ordered her into a freezer, according to police.

Glover fled the store and remained at large for more than a month. But in February 2005, police said leads that came in following the preparation of a composite sketch led them to Glover as a suspect. He was arrested and jailed.

The Lewiston man was convicted of the crime and ordered to spend more than a year in prison. Last week, he promised the court he would turn himself in after making arrangements over the weekend. Police said they have not heard from him since.

On Tuesday, information about Glover was added to, where his photo was placed at the top of the list. Police are asking that anyone with information about his whereabouts call their local department.

In October 2004, Glover was commended for heroism after hauling a man in his 70s from a smoke-filled apartment during a fire at 308 Lisbon St.

At the time, Glover was working as a bouncer at a Lisbon Street bar. When a building burned across the street, he rushed over and helped police carry Hoppy Harrington out of the burning building.

Police said it was just three months later that Glover went into the Big Apple and robbed the clerk.