Manage deer humanely


I write in response to Jim Eaton’s letter on vanishing wildlife (Jan. 21). He was, indeed, fortunate to grow up in a less populated Maine, when human activity did not have such a far-reaching and devasting impact on our little corner of the planet, and all who depend on it.

I find his suggesting that we should be “harvesting” deer appalling, however. His idea of a hunting club sounds more like a trophy kill, where animals are brought and maintained in an area for the specific purpose of the club members obtaining their kill.

I would propose that the food plots are not “so the deer would have plenty to eat,” but to keep the deer near a reliable food source so that the “hunter” would have an easy and reliable target.

That is neither hunting, nor appreciating the nature of which he reminisces. His proposal is a profit-driven industry for a few.

I would wish a more humane deer management for Maine, one that would return balance to nature, instead of turning nature into a commodity to be sold.

Geri Gajewski, Lewiston