Margin not unusual


If I see one more letter from the mural whiners about Gov. Paul LePage’s illegitimacy and the need to recall him due to his election margin of 38.3 percent, I think I am going to scream.

Here is the rundown:

In 1974, James Longley got 39.7 percent of the vote. In 1978, Joseph Brennan got 47.8 percent. In 1986, John McKernan got 39.9 percent. In 1990, McKernan got 46.7 percent. In 1994, Angus King got 35.4 percent. In 2002, John Baldacci got 47 percent. In 2006, Baldacci got 38 percent. And, in 2010, LePage got 38.3 percent.

There is nothing unusual about LePage’s margin, other than the fact that he is Republican.

The Democrats, who have run this state into the ground, have won by similar margins in the past.

Please, let’s quit the whining and foot-stomping and let the man get to work for a better economy for everyone.

Judy Lowell, Rumford