MDEA agents arrest Gilead woman on meth charges


BETHEL — A ninth person was arrested Tuesday night in an ongoing investigation into a methamphetamine manufacturing and trafficking operation in the Bethel area.

Sarah L. Levesque, 38, of North Road in Gilead was arrested by Maine Drug Enforcement Agent Tony Milligan, according to Matt Cashman, supervisor of the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency’s Western District Task Force.  

She is charged with criminal conspiracy to traffic in methamphetamines.

Earlier this month, eight people were arrested on charges of manufacturing/trafficking in meth, a highly addictive stimulant.

Levesque’s role was to gather components, including pseudoephedrine, a common cold decongestant essential to the manufacturing process, Cashman said. “I expect additional arrests,” he said.

“This is a relatively large-scale operation, considering the area,” he said.

A corrections officer at the Oxford County Jail in Paris said Tuesday night that Levesque had been released.