The Meadows offers the amenities of home


Step into The Meadows, located on Route 202 in Greene, and you’ll realize very quickly that the intimate, personal setting makes each resident a name and not just a number.

“We have 24 numbered rooms at The Meadows, where each resident is one of 24, not one of 75 or more like at other places,” said Rebecca Laliberte, the proprietor and heart and soul of this special Living Center for Seniors. “Your needs, problems and favorite things are well known to the staff and we can give you the special attention that you need.”

The Meadows provides retired residents with safety, security, and, quite possibly, some of the best home cooking around. Once the site of a motel and subsequent nursing home, the Meadows is uniquely constructed to meet the needs of elderly residents. The hallways are wide and level so residents have a large area to roam about the facility. While residents enjoy the privacy of their own rooms, they also can gather in many different sitting areas, in a library/pool room, outside on the patio, or in the home-like atmosphere of a spacious dining room.

Situated only a few miles from Lewiston, The Meadows is conveniently located near shopping malls, doctors’ offices, hospitals, and anything else residents might need. The residents also have the security of someone on site at all times as well as the independence to come and go as they please.

Laliberte is especially proud of the food offered at The Meadows. With a food service background, she loves cooking for more than just one and she’s well known for her fresh, home-style cooking.

“When you move from a house or apartment to a retirement center, you may still have to do your own shopping and cooking, or pay additionally for these services,” said Laliberte. “At The Meadows, three meals a day are provided in the rental cost and if you want to go shopping, we provide transportation or a personal shopper at no additional charge.”

Room rates at The Meadows are affordable for many seniors with rates starting at $800 a month for the room, meals, housekeeping, linen services, transportation and personalized services. Resident assistance is available 24 hours a day.

For many, it is comforting to know that Laliberte isn’t just the owner of The Meadows; she’s also a neighbor who lives right on the premises.

Laliberte says that some people get anxious about making a move to a living center, fearing whether they will know anyone or miss having their privacy. She assures residents that there’s no problem for people who have chosen The Meadows.

“You don’t have to worry about who you know, what you did for a living, or what your background is,” assured Laliberte. “At The Meadows, you are instantly family.”

On a recent Sunday morning, Bob Curtis was found enjoying a cigarette on the outdoor patio (smoking is not allowed in the private rooms or common areas, but is allowed outside), while Hollis Winslow could be found in the kitchen with his hand in the cookie jar seeking a mid-morning treat.

Elizabeth Smith and Anita Gilbert were engaged in putting together a jigsaw puzzle in the dining room while other residents were in the Library/Pool Room placing the cue ball for the start of a rollicking game. The mood this day was very relaxed, cozy, and welcoming with each resident doing the activities that they like the most.

“I’ve been here about a year and a half,” said Georgette Forguett, who has been teaching fellow residents the game of pool. “I just love it here.”

Rebecca Laliberte is available to answer any questions about The Meadows – call 946-3007, e-mail [email protected], or visit the Web site at