Mean-spirited spin


Richard Taylor’s letter (April 25) took the Tea Party to task for an inability to think its way past the word games that evil manipulators of the mother tongue such as — gasp — Newt Gingrich play. Oh well, at least we get some respite from Leonard Pitts’ never-ending, one-drum solo titled “Tea Baggers are racists.”

At the Tea Party Augusta rally, one speaker ranted on about the Illuminati, hoping to generate some connection to the Tea Party’s alarm over our metastasizing federal government. Organizers did some intelligent linguistic analysis, interrupted him and moved him off.

Taylor could see some world-class rhetorical manipulation to fret over if he cast his analytical eye on the left side of the political spectrum. Stimulus bills turn into jobs bills. Terrorism turns into man-caused disaster. Global warming turns into climate change.

One-party despots from Lenin and Hitler to Stalin and Mao shared a practiced knack of pillaging plain speech in ways that benefit the state’s power.

But forget past masters. A modern master word-manipulator named Saul Alinsky wrote the playbook our country’s present government uses to generate the state’s growing control of the economy. Studying the proclamations of radicals staffing the White House could keep the spine of a linguistic analyst fully chilled.

I have confidence that the Tea Party can look to its own defense, starting with Taylor’s presumption to cool analytical objectivity. His thoughts represented little more than another dose of mean-spirited spin, gratuitous insult and elitist intimidation.


Lenny Hoy, Greenwood