Med-Care gives defibrillator to resident


RUMFORD — Med-Care has announced that it has just deployed its first Automated External Defibrillator to a resident for personal use. The device was deployed to Wayne Millen of West Paris. His wife, family members and friends will receive training on the use of the device as well as CPR.

Director of Operations Dean Milligan said, “This is the first ever for our organization and we hope it is one that will create a trend throughout the region for others that may have serious cardiac risks and want to add an additional level of security within their life. It also opened our eyes to the fact that we have not advertised or marketed AEDs to local citizens and to the fact that these devices are available for their purchase through our organization for personal use.”

Milligan said in this case the individual has a substantial family cardiac history and wanted to acquire the device so his family or friends may utilize should he unexpectedly have a cardiac event.

When Community Outreach and Public Education Coordinator Laurieann Milligan recently met with Millen, he stated that he wanted to take a proactive approach to the medical situation.

Milligan said the donation falls in line with Med-Care’s mission being part of the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association as well as the Heart Safe Community Program.

If anyone throughout the River Valley is interested in additional information on AEDs they should call Med-Care and speak with Laurieann Milligan.

Dean Milligan said Med-Care has deployed more than 60 AEDs throughout the River Valley communities and it may now be time to focus on deploying them into the homes of high risk cardiac patients.