Medals returned


LAWRENCE, Mass. (AP) – It was trash day, and workers at a service station discovered something in a five-gallon bucket in the cellar: a Purple Heart, a Bronze Star and two Good Conduct medals.

The name “Walter Lanen” was embossed on the medals. Not sure exactly what to do next, station owners Bill McDaniel and Emile Lavasseur told a local newspaper about their find. McDaniel got a phone call from someone who saw the story in The Eagle-Tribune and put him in touch with William Lanen, Walter’s brother.

“They mean a lot,” said William Lanen, 87, of Bow, N.H., looking at the medals on Thursday. “They are a living manifestation of my brother’s service. He was a good soldier, a splendid soldier. I’ll keep the medals for as long as I live.”

Lanen said he knew his late brother had received the medals, but was unaware they were missing until McDaniel called him and offered to bring him to Lawrence to retrieve them.

He cried when he saw them. “They are mementos from my brother,” he said. “My brother was a real bona fide hero. He was a hero and he certainly put his life on the line many, many times.”

Bobhouses out

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) – If the warm weather wasn’t enough, Fish and Game is reminding ice fishermen that their bobhouses must be removed from the state’s lakes by today.

Many anglers already have removed their shelters because of thin ice.

Mill-worker boost

BERLIN, N.H. (AP) – Washington is sending extra help for mill workers about to lose their jobs. The government says workers are available for help with insurance, retraining and jobs services through a program that helps workers being displaced because of foreign competition.

The Trade Adjustment Assistance program is available through the federal Labor Department.

Friendly’s robbed

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) – Police say a robber hit a Friendly’s Restaurant on Friday morning and locked two female employees in a cooler while he got away.

Police say two women were working in the restaurant when someone rang the rear doorbell just before 7 a.m. They say the robber pushed one woman to the floor, cleaned out the safe, then forced the women into a cooler.

Officers said one of the women had a cell phone and was able to call 911 by sticking the antenna below the cooler door.

Police and the K-9 unit searched the neighborhood for the suspect.