Meet Christie Volkernick


Hi, I’m Christie Volkernick and I am the new temporary Chamber administrator for the River Valley Chamber of Commerce for this summer.  I was born and raised in Rumford, Maine and graduated from Mountain Valley High School in 2008. In the fall of 2008, I made my way down to Johnson and Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island to pursue a degree in business management. I soon found out business management was not the correct field for me; this coming fall I will be attending University of Massachusetts at Boston in the exercise and health sciences program in hopes of becoming a dietitian.

I have been at the Chamber for almost a month now and have enjoyed working closely with Cheryl and Catherine and I’m looking forward to working with Laurieann in the near future. I am also very excited to get more involved with the Chamber; helping on my first event, the 8th Annual Franklin Savings Bank, River Valley Chamber –Rumford Rotary Golf Tournament.

I have learned a large amount of information in my time working here which is beneficial to any person let alone a young adult. The information I have learned will help me in my future. I greatly appreciate that the board of directors have allowed me to have this great opportunity.