Meet the new Greene Town Office


GREENE — Brown tile floors in the reception area of the new Town Office were still covered with pink protective paper Thursday as crews from the Highway Department moved in furniture.

Assistant Town Clerk Carol Buzzell and Town Manager Charlie Noonan were busy filing and arranging furniture, getting ready for April 5 when the building will open to the public.

Town offices had been housed at the fire station since Oct. 15, 2009.

The almost 4,500-square-foot, single-story building replaced the two-story, 3,200-square-foot building that formerly sat on the property.

“Not all of that space was usable in the old town office,” Noonan said. “The historic records were in a small room — a closet, really — that you couldn’t even get your body into. We didn’t know where anything was in there. And the old meeting room for the town selectmen was in the basement. It was very dingy, very dark and windowless.”

The new office boasts two fireproof rooms: one for money and other valuables, and the other for the historic records and computer server.

The code enforcement officer no longer has to share his office with the assessor and the employee break room. The new break room will have a picnic table and a patio out back.

The meeting area for the Board of Selectmen is open and airy, with windows across one entire wall. Channel 7, the local cable access station, has a new production room that is filled with new equipment.

There are also two new bathrooms easily accessible to the public and the handicapped.

“Before, there was only one bathroom and it was located in an employee area. The public could use it, but it was hard to access,” Noonan said.

The cost of the project was $570,000, including landscaping, engineering, site work, a new septic system, some new furniture, central air conditioning and radiant floor heat.

“We did our homework and knew what we wanted,” Noonan said.

The Town Office currently located at 106 Patten Road will be closed on Friday, April 2, to allow employees to move the computers.

“We’ll be opening up Monday (April 5) for business as usual,” Noonan said.