Doesn’t meet standards


Developer Dale Talbot made two comments in the Jan. 17 edition of the Sun Journal regarding the public safety of people traveling to Shire Subdivision.

Talbot said the “Turner Planning Board is extremely strict.” The fact is, Talbot asked that a “traffic impact analysis” not be done, and the planning board granted that request.

Talbot said that “All the standards were met.” Yet, “the proposed development shall provide safe vehicular access to and from public and private streets” is a standard found in Turner’s zoning ordinance. I conducted a study and found that 30 percent of vehicles can’t stop at Shire Subdivision to avoid a collision. I don’t believe the “safe vehicular access” standard has been met.

There have been several major traffic accidents within eyesight of my house. There are crosses near my house as a memorial where people have died in traffic accidents. I don’t want Shire Subdivision to have a cross at its entrance, especially when the entrance doesn’t meet national road design standards that the Maine Department of Transportation helped establish.

Kenji De Lige, Turner