Meeting the governor’s goals


There are glaring issues in Augusta that should be addressed. In his short time in office, Gov. Paul LePage has made it clear that the rules are irrelevant to him, that his goals are the only goals, and that he will take action first, think second, and apologize only when forced to do so.

One example is his ill-considered removal of the labor mural, and the possibility the state could end up on the hook for tens of thousands of dollars if courts decide this breaks the agreement that provided $60,000 in federal money for the mural.  Then we can look at his flippant approach to the issue of BPA.  Given the scientific knowledge of its damage, we might be able to conclude that ignorance is to blame.

However, when his targets were the Clean Elections Act funding or nearly 20 percent of MPBN’s funding along with the rule that says the state must fund it, then we can only conclude these attacks on the people of Maine are deliberate.

Who does Mr. LePage feel he is serving? We are unlikely to get an honest answer from a man who will gladly tell minorities to “kiss my butt” or “get over it.” His hostility toward anyone who disagrees with him is remarkable.

Maine deserves better. Better priorities, better choices, and a better attitude from someone who is supposed to represent this state.

Amy Bergen, Auburn