Men behaving badly:


There’s been a real-life casting call for cads, creeps and cuckoos – and yesteryear’s leading men are lining up.

Although they once were cuties craved by fans, select celebs have fallen from grace. Gross displays of drugs, violence, idiocy and slutty sleaze-tactics seem to rule in Hollywood heartthrob land.

Biggest @!% Award

Charlie Sheen gets the biggest dunce cap for achieving all the above, according to divorce papers filed by his estranged wife Denise Richards.

In court papers, Richards accuses the prime-time TV star of having a prime time with prostitutes, drugs, gambling and harassment that are worthy of at least “Two and a Half Men.”

Allegedly hooked on Xanax, Norco and Ativan, Sheen is accused of physical menacing, threatening Richards’ life and safety, watching what appeared to be underage porn (of girls and boys), regularly sleeping with prostitutes, gambling away hundreds of thousands of dollars, mood swings and paranoid acts.

In addition, Richards claims he wished various cancers upon her, and fixated on the gruesome death of Nicole Brown Simpson. And while Sheen denies all the allegations, his fate may be cast in audience minds. But he’s not alone: There’s a host of other Hollywood hotties whom we now love to hate.

From overdone hunks to today’s top guns, keep reading for leading men that make us quake and quiver.

You Did What Award?


So what if it’s hard to think of a screen hit starring The Sexiest Man Alive? He’s still … the sexiest man alive! Marrying TV’s favorite “Friend” only added to the 42-year-old’s dreamboat quotient. But Pitt’s reputation took a direct hit when he threw over good-girl wife Jennifer for pouty-lipped temptress Angelina Jolie – and promptly announced they were pregnant. So began the still-raging battle between Team Anniston and Team Jolie.


The British-born actor became a Hollywood heartthrob after starring in “Cold Mountain,” “Alfie” and “Closer” within a year. Though engaged to stunning, trend-setting actress Sienna Miller, Law, 33, stupidly took his “Alfie” role as a serial philanderer home with him – he was caught giving his children’s nanny a fringe benefit in the bedroom.


The hunky R&B crooner, 39, became a perennial Grammy winner in the 1990s as both a singer and songwriter. But he should have kept his kinky tastes in the closet – and his camera in its case. Not only did his videotaped sex romps make the Pamela Anderson-Tommy Lee epic look tame, some of the young ladies R. Kelly believed he could fly with were allegedly minors.


The “Mission: Impossible III” star, 43, has been a box-office top gun for more than 20 years. But if leaping on Oprah’s sofa, verbally slamming Brooke Shields and jawing with Matt Lauer wasn’t enough to turn Cruise into a national punch line, his faster than lightning meet-become engaged to-I’m pregnant! performance with Katie Holmes left his loyal audience wondering. Now Katie’s all alone with baby Suri, and Tom is back on the promotion trail.


The intense indie-film actor made a name for himself on Broadway as the Tony-nominated star of “The Elephant Man” and last year’s “The Pillowman.” But Billy’s name was crud with female fans after he dropped longtime girlfriend Mary-Louise Parker for younger actress Claire Danes. Oh, and did we mention that Parker was seven months pregnant with Crudup’s baby?


The inspirational bicycle champ was living strong after overcoming testicular cancer and winning a record seven Tour de France races. His fans turned as tough as a race to the finish line when he started changing partners like flat tires. After splitting from the wife who nursed him through his illness, Armstrong got engaged to rock singer Sheryl Crow – and dumped her three weeks before the singer announced she had breast cancer.