Mexico police log


MEXICO – The Police Department responded to 95 incidents in the past week, including the following:

* At 7:40 a.m. Aug. 12, a Roxbury Road resident reported that someone stole her cat. Police Chief Roy Hodsdon said officers have suspects.

* Hodsdon said that on Aug. 9, police recovered a wallet on Osgood Avenue. “The driver’s licenses belonged to a Dixfield female,” Hodsdon said. “We tried tracking her down, but were unable to locate her. If anyone is missing their license, they can get it here.”

* At 10:52 p.m. Aug. 8, Officer Rob Drouin found three juveniles walking on Main Street in violation of the curfew ordinance. “People are thinking that the curfew starts at 11 p.m., but it starts at 9 p.m.,” Hodsdon said. “Another misconception people have is that if they have their parents’ permission to be outside after hours, it’s OK. That’s not the case. They have to either be over 17, or be accompanied by a guardian or parent that is of age.”

* At 4:50 p.m. Aug. 8, a Granite Street resident reported someone poured a foreign substance into their gas tank. Police have suspects.

* Hodsdon said that in the past week he has received two complaints of ATVs operating on access trails above posted speed limits. “I just want to warn ATV operators that if that continues, we may have to close the trails,” Hodsdon said. “If someone notices an ATV operator driving over the posted speed limit, let us know so we can put a stop to it.”


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