Mexico Rec vandalism showed disturbing fury


While it’s clearly not a hate crime in the legal sense, the fury expressed by the vandals who damaged a building and equipment owned by the Mexico Recreation Department was singularly shocking.

The cowards caused more than $10,0000 damage to a storage garage, dump truck and ball fields early Saturday morning.

They kicked in an overhead garage door, trashed the building and then rammed a riding lawnmower into the door and back wall of the metal building, actually knocking it off its cement pad.

The vandals tried to burn down a dugout, drove a heavy truck on ball fields and then broke out the mirrors and windows of the truck.

The damage was especially despicable in these tough times, when municipalities are struggling to provide basic services, let alone recreational opportunities for children and teens.

We hope someone will have the courage to tip police with the culprits’ names.


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