Miclon switches to dispatch center


PARIS – Longtime Oxford County Sheriff’s Office detective Lt. James Miclon has resigned and will become head of the county dispatch center on June 1.

“I wanted to do something different,” Miclon said by phone Friday. He started training for his new job last Wednesday, a day after leaving the sheriff’s office.

For the next month, he will be getting instruction from Oxford County Regional Communications Center supervisor Judy Knight, who announced her resignation last winter.

“It gets to a point in time when you re-evaluate your life,” said Miclon.

He added he also wanted to stay clear of the politics surrounding the November election for county sheriff. It was rumored that Miclon, a Democrat, was going to run, but he never officially declared his candidacy.

“And even though I have moved 50 feet, it is a whole different ballgame, a whole different game, I get to be involved with fire, police and rescue, not just police,” he said.

The dispatch center is in the Oxford County building complex that also includes the Sheriff’s Office and jail, the 11th District Courthouse and the Oxford County Superior Courthouse on Western Avenue in Paris.

The center is one of 45 Public Safety Answering Points statewide that have enhanced 911 computer capabilities to identify the name, address and callback number of each caller. The center dispatches police, fire and rescue personnel throughout the county.

The training is extensive partly because of the technology involved in the job.

“Judy’s bringing me up to speed on everything,” Miclon said. “The position is one that there’s a lot of technology and a lot of outside entities.”

Miclon started his career at the dispatch center 28 years ago, working part time as a dispatcher and part time as a deputy sheriff. As lieutenant, he served as chief criminal investigator.

“I will miss the investigation part. I spent a lot of years doing it, and was involved in a lot of cases around the county,” he said.

However, he said he’s looking forward to the change. As head of the dispatch center and its dozen or so employees, he said that over time, he will be better off financially.

“It’s like a breath of fresh air,” Miclon said, about starting at the dispatch center.