Middle school student gets approval to set up gardens


LIVERMORE FALLS — RSU 73 directors voted unanimously Thursday to approve seventh-grader Trevor Doiron’s request to set up raised-bed gardens in the back of Spruce Mountain Middle School in Jay.

The 13-year-old gave a presentation from a computer that was projected on a big screen television in the board room at the Cedar Street Learning Center.

Since his initial planning, Doiron has changed the name to Tri-Town Community Gardens. He told the board that the produce harvested would be given to the Tri-Town Ministerial Food Cupboard in Livermore Falls, which serves all three towns in the district. All produce will be reported to Maine Cooperative Extensions Maine Harvest for Hunger Program.

The plan is to build four, 12- by 4-foot raised beds behind the soccer field fence overlooking Route 4. An area of 250 square feet will be used, Doiron said.

The project will not cost the district any money, he said. He has applied for three grants totaling $2,750 for the project.

Rain barrels will be set up around the school to catch water running off the roof. The water will be used on the gardens, he said.

Seedlings will be started the week before April vacation in the greenhouse attached to the middle school. They will be transferred to the gardens in May. Other students and staff from the school and parents are involved in the project. Students meet to talk about the project at lunch.

He expects to start harvesting weekly on June 24. Teacher Rob Taylor has applied for a grant to build a shed to store supplies for the geodesic dome greenhouse, also in back of the school. Doiron said he will be able to store garden supplies as well.

Donations, including seeds, have been received for the project.

He has started a list of volunteers who want to help take care of the garden during the summer, he said. Anyone interested in helping may contact him at [email protected]

In other board action, directors accepted, “with deep regret,” the resignation of math teacher Wilbur Shardlow from the Spruce Mountain High School, effective at the end of the school year. Shardlow is retiring.

In other business, the board voted 8-1 to appoint Brian Dube as varsity baseball coach at the high school. Chairwoman Denise Rodzen opposed the vote.

Directors also unanimously voted to appoint Robin Roberts as varsity softball coach and Clint Brooks as junior varsity softball coach at the high school.

All three appointments are for the 2011-12 school year and are contingent upon proper certification and other requirements.

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