Milbridge may add nudity ordinance after local restaurant/bar hosts strippers


MILBRIDGE — Strippers in Milbridge?

Barbara Seymour thinks not.

“They’re asking for trouble,” the Milbridge resident said of The Pines restaurant bar recently booking a total nudity strip show at the venue on Kennedy Highway — Route 1A — some two miles from the town center.

“This is a quiet little fishing village,” Seymour said Monday. “I just don’t feel comfortable with Milbridge having a stripping bar. As far as The Pines, you can’t be a family restaurant and have strippers. I know it’s hard to make a living up here, especially in the winter, but you have to make a choice. Are you going to be a family restaurant or are you a stripper bar?”

Concern about public nudity in Milbridge on Dec. 7 has spilled over to the board of selectmen and the town’s planning board.

“The planning board is looking into ordinances,” Town Manager Lewis Pinkham said Monday. The board members “are looking at the ordinances in place in Ellsworth and Bar Harbor.”


No date has been set for that agenda item.

Steven Teegarden, who owns The Pines, said Monday that the Dec. 7 strip show was an “exception” to the acts he books for the venue, saying that it was requested by his patrons. No one under age 21 was allowed into the bar during the performance, and the windows were covered, he said.

“You listen to your customers,” he said. “They kept telling me to bring in strippers. This same company I hired had performed shows in private homes within two miles from here.”

Teegarden said the performance attracted 160 people, with a cover charge of $10 a head. Into the last half-hour of the performance, it included total nudity, he said.

“My security people said it was an easy night, no fights,” he said. “I was not surprised nor am I offended by the community reaction.

“Would I do it again? No,” Teeggarden said. “This was a once-in-a-lifetime event. I would think that the town has bigger fish to fry.”