A mild and wet week


This period of time started out cool and ended mild, with the last five days having the high temperatures 80 degrees or higher. If the forecast is correct, the approaching week will be similar.

There was some rainfall on six of the seven dates and it totalled 2.61 inches, with more in the forecast.

It was not favorable weather for the drying of 2nd crop hay. We baled about 125 bales of rain-damaged hay on the 30th, and about 90 bales of high quality hay on Aug. 1st before two nuisance showers developed. I remain hesitant about cutting any more acreage until more settled weather is in the forecast.

Three cloud-free nights enabled area residents to observe the second full moon of July, called the “blue moon”. Many of the full moons of previous months were obscured because of cloudy conditions.

In a group recently, conversation led to the lush and abundant foliage this year. Many of the limbs have lots of new growth and heavy foliage, causing drooping, making country roads seem narrow. August flowers are in great abundance; some are desirable and some are not. One area revealed ripening choke cherries, which seems early, as I used to think of them being ripe when school started in September.

Some years barn swallows nest only once but this year I have at least two pairs having the second nesting period. I had hoped that the desirable birds would have a good reproductive year. During the week I saw five turkeys feeding in the pasture, a kill deer in flight and heard robins in several areas. Once again, I heard at least three area residents proclaiming the reduced number of birds.

Conversations seem to lead to how fast the summer is going now that the month of August has arrived. Most mention the loss of daylight which is nearing the one-hour decrease, with sunset nearing the 8 p.m. mark. There is a lot to be thankful for in the state of Maine, compared to other areas.

This period of time last year had cooler average temperatures, with only three readings that reached 80 degrees. The coolest reading was 51 degrees on July 26th.

There was rainfall on five dates and it totalled 2.48 inches, which is comparable to this year’s.

July weather summary: Rainfall on 18 dates, 4.33″ total. Five readings in the 40’s, coolest reading 43 on the 17th, 13 readings of 80 or higher, 87 warmest on the 29th (as of this date no 90 or higher readings this summer). Thunder and fog on six dates, damaging wind on the 28th.

Day High Low Precip.

Sun. 64 57 0.12

Mon. 78 58 T

Tues. 85 64 0.13

Wed. 87 58 1.87

Thurs. 86 63 0.47

Fri. 80 60 0

Sat. 80 61 0.02