Mini video-game reviews


(KRT) – “Jak and Daxter” titles always floor me with how much quality they manage to build into a title that releases every year, and now this fun handheld version has done the same thing.

“Daxter” was farmed out to Ready at Dawn for development by the folks at Naughty Dog, but you can see the mother ship kept a close handle on how this one was coming along. It feels, moves and looks like a “Jak” title, and any fan of the series will have a blast taking this new title on the road.

The game takes place while Jak is imprisoned during the main game series, and asks Daxter to try to come up with some good gadgets to bust him out. But most of the game is spent getting rid of bugs, with atomic flyswatters and flame-thrower-esque bug spray guns, which is surprisingly entertaining.

With more than a dozen cool settings to work through – all lush and active and well-designed – your little, furry otter-weasel hero will get a workout. Daxter moves with a fluid, furry grace that I have yet to see in another PSP title of any genre, and the marriage of sound effects, animations and smooth controls make this title easily one of the best I’ve ever played on PSP.

– Heather Newman