Minot board discusses smoke-free field


MINOT — Selectmen took no action Monday on whether to declare the town’s Memorial Fields a “smoke free zone.”

Minot-Hebron Athletic Association spokesperson Carrie Woods had asked whether the association could simply hang signs declaring the area smoke free, to which the board responded that the request should come through the town Conservation Committee, now that that committee had been reconstituted with oversight powers to monitor and manage the town’s growing recreational activities.

Selectmen also clarified what uses might be made of the $7,500 that town-meeting voters donated to the MHAA, noting specifically that some of the money could be used for materials to fix infields recently developed at Minot Memorial Park.

Selectmen advised Steve Love that he might check out the infield at the Hebron Station School to see if the type of material he was looking for had been used there. Selectmen reconfirmed that the town highway crew would be available to do the work on the fields with materials MHAA might provide.

Selectmen also offered a few suggestions for the new flagpole MHAA was considering and gave immediate approval allowing the purchase of a new batting cage.

Code Enforcement Officer Ken Pratt noted in his report that Daren Nichols has agreed to take down the trailer on his Old Woodman Hill Road property. Previously he had indicated that he would reside it and use it as a storage shed. Selectmen have wanted the eyesore removed for some while.

Selectmen also heard from town attorney Norm Rattey that oral arguments in the Chuck Starbird case will be held on June 8. Starbird has challenged the Board of Selectmen’s decision to overrule the appeals board action allowing Starbird to build on his property, which lies beyond the town accepted portion of York Road.

Selectmen took no action to fill the seat on the RSU 16 board vacated by Chris Woodford in March but said they would like townspeople to know that the seat is vacant and that they are looking for someone interested in filling out Woodford’s term.

Selectmen also formally accepted the audit report on town finances for the fiscal year ending Jan. 31, 2011. The report found town books to be in good order.

Selectman Eda Tripp noted that, as of today, the town is owed $146,000 in outstanding property taxes. The money is owed on some 98 properties for the year 2010 — with money also owed on 29 properties for the year 2009.