Minot board updated on dispatch plans


MINOT — Town Administrator Arlan Saunders told selectmen Tuesday that the county commissioners are working on a proposal that would keep emergency dispatch at the county building.

“I had a call earlier from (County Commissioner) Beth Bell telling me that under the proposal they are working on, dispatch would remain a county function, located at the county building,” Saunders said.

The questions of where the county’s 911 calls would be answered and who would be responsible for emergency dispatch has been a matter of concern for the past seven years. A number of proposals have been put forth, only to flounder when the costs became known.

According to Saunders, it appeared the proposal commissioners are now working on would be comparable to the latest proposal, whereby Lisbon’s dispatch would handle calls from most of the county’s small towns.

“It comes down to the bottom line, what it will cost, and it appears the county has refined their numbers to something we can live with,” Selectman Steve French said.

Under some of the proposals previously put forth, the small county towns were looking at skyrocketing dispatch costs. The cost increase under Lisbon’s proposal, according to French, was acceptable, but he offered that he was “not upset” that the county appeared poised to present a comparable solution.

“It appears they intend to move dispatch to a different section of the building. My hope is that, with the major renovations expected to the County Building, a few years from now they won’t find they moved to the wrong area of the building,” French said.

In other business, selectmen authorized Highway Supervisor Scott Parker to post town roads. Parker noted that with the warm temperatures and rain expected, heavy vehicles could do great damage if they travel on town roads while frost is leaving the ground.