The misfits


The Tripp’s Civil Rights Team is doing a new thing called The Misfits. The Misfits involves a book that we will be reading during SSR once a week. Right now, we are in the third week with our reading.

The Tripp Civil Rights Team thinks that this book will bring up real good discussion in the classroom. For example, in the second chapter Addle refuses to say the Pledge Of Allegiance. She thinks saying the pledge is offensive, because it says “justice for all” and she doesn’t believe that all people have “justice for all.” Some people think that we should say the pledge, and some people think we shouldn’t say the pledge because it “says under God” which goes against peopled religion. What is your opinion?

The Misfits is about a couple of kids that don’t really fit in with other kids. They often get bullied, and they even keep a list of names they’re called. Since they’re now in middle school, they have a chance to be members of the student council and make a difference about bullying. As a party which is a group of kids that has a message to get out. Theirs is trying to stop the bullying and name-calling at their school. But, the thing is, there are only two parties that are allowed to run and they want a third party.

Coming up with the idea to make a bunch of signs, The Misfits put the names on the paper with a red circle around the name and with a cross through it.

At the end of having read the chapter, the teacher will do the discussion questions that the Civil Rights team will get done as soon as possible. Although if the teacher has any other discussion questions for the kids they are welcomed to help us in the discussion. The Tripp Civil Rights Team is hoping that this book will help stop the bullying and name calling. Also, they hope that people look through the person’s outer shell and get to know the real person.

On June 15, which is a half day, has been declared a day for the Tripp Civil Rights Team. The Tripp Civil Rights Team will have a whole day devoted to this book. During this day there will be activities and other things to do. Although we don’t have anything planned yet, the Civil Rights Team is going to make sure what we do is very fun and informative.