Missed it by that much


LEWISTON – Commentators called it the biggest comeback in NFL championship history.

Patriots fans were less enthusiastic, to say the least.

Gridiron Restaurant and Sports Pub on Lisbon Street was empty and silent only minutes after Tom Brady threw a blood-curdling interception to give the Colts a pass to the Super Bowl.

Mike Weston, a Patriots fan lived in New England his whole life until he moved to Florida last year, has tickets to the Super Bowl. He landed in Boston on Sunday morning and was enjoying the game in his native territory Sunday night.

Unfortunately, he won’t be cheering on his Patriots in Miami.

“They’re going to do it,” he predicted minutes too soon in the fourth quarter with the Patriots on top 34-31.

His mood quickly changed as the Colts scored a touchdown with one minute left in the game.

A mixed reaction of jeers and cheers erupted from the crowd gathered at the sports pub as Brady uncharacteristically made a mistake under pressure.

“I’m happy for Peyton Manning because he finally has the chance to win the big game,” said Jamie Everett, who was rooting for Indianapolis.

“I’m not an Indianapolis fan, but I’m not a New England fan at all,” he said.

Ryan Caron, also anti-New England, thought the Colts were fortunate to win the game.

“New England came out on top the first half, but then Indianapolis got lucky a few times and came out the victor,” he said with a smile.

Bartender Kim Martin, an avid Patriots fan wearing a Brady jersey, had a busy night behind the bar as she kept one eye on the game while serving the rowdy crowd.

“The game is giving me a coronary, but it has been a good night,” she said late in the fourth quarter as the Patriots struggled in vain to retain their lead.

As the bar emptied and Martin cashed out the deflating crowd, she hung her head with disappointment.

“It’s what the media wanted,” she said bitterly, referring to Chicago and Indianapolis going to the Super Bowl.

A collective sigh of discontent could be heard around New England Sunday night.

“I’m not happy,” said Jim, a patron of the sports pub who didn’t want to give his last name. Still reeling from the 1986 Super Bowl when the Bears creamed the Patriots, he was hoping for a rematch this year.

Chin up, Patriots fans. There’s always next year.