Missed the point


Recently, I attended the Chili Chowder Taste Challenge. It was great; I loved the food, the interaction with the restaurants and other guests. I was less impressed with the Sun Journal reporter’s coverage of the event.

One judge’s remark led the reporter to believe that the “general consensus” was that this year’s event wasn’t great. I didn’t spend time hobnobbing with the judges, getting their opinions. I formed my own opinions — the food was excellent, and it seemed to me that the “general consensus” was that the guests were enjoying the selections the restaurants made available.

I’m upset to see that the reporter also missed the point of the event. The Sun Journal “Connections” section promoting the challenge noted that the event benefits Longley Elementary School. This worthy cause was completely omitted from the article by the Sun Journal reporter — doubly surprising when I take into account that the Sun Journal is an “Adopt-a School” partner with Longley Elementary.

It’s equally surprising to me that the Sun Journal would run a quote that diminishes the efforts and the products of what have to be some of the Sun Journal’s advertising partners — the local restaurants participating in the challenge. These restaurants sacrificed time, staff and great products for a good cause and also in hopes of some good publicity, I’m sure.

So here’s some: kudos to you, restaurants, for participating in this awesome event, and for sharing some great food with us. I’m already looking forward to next year.

Joe Blakey, Farmington