Misuse of the facts


On behalf of the Auburn-Lewiston Rotary Club, I would like to apologize to Brookfield Renewable Power for misuse of facts by the Sun Journal and Auburn Mayor Jonathan Labonte.

As the club’s “duckmeister,” I must say that the canceling of the Rubber Duck race has gone from a non-story to front page news. Brookfield has been a true community-minded corporation throughout the planning as they have worked closely with the club to try and resolve the issues reasonably so that the race could go on as scheduled.

Unfortunately, the club could not find a way to make the insurance requirements work this year.

The Rotary Club will be continuing to work with Brookfield through the coming year so, once again, the ducks will race.

It would be nice if the Sun Journal would report the news and not try to make it. Mayor Labonte, as a former Rotary Club member, should know better than to shoot from the hip without getting the facts. He has done more damage to the club by his statements than Brookfield Renewable Power could ever do.

William Hunter, Turner