Model trains still missing


LEWISTON – No one’s returned Gerry Legare’s trains yet.

The sign on his lawn at 391 Webster St. asking whomever made off with his 25-year-old collection of model trains to please return them came down this week.

The trains were dropped off after 5 a.m. on Sunday, July 1, by his ex-wife. Looters secreted away with them before someone in the house knew they were there.

Despite a public plea and an offer of forgiveness – there’s a slim chance, after all, someone assumed Legare was throwing them out – “nobody’s returned anything,” he said.

Legare checked flea markets in Brunswick and Lisbon over the weekend, just in case. He’s also got an eye on eBay.

The one tip he got: Someone driving by the house that morning spotted a dark blue or dark green small Ford pickup with a cap loading up their vehicle. He’s worried whomever has them now knows the Lionels, K-Lines and Marx trains are stolen and they’re just hunkering down with them.

He valued the collection at $1,000.

Reaction from the public, Legare said, has “all been positive, people saying, ‘Have you got your stuff back?'”

– Kathryn Skelton