Mom, son get ‘road rash’ in bike wreck


DURHAM — A 39-year-old Durham woman and her 17-year-old son were injured in a motorcycle crash on Quaker Meetinghouse Road early Monday evening.

Rhonda Petrin was driving the motorcycle and lost control as she crested a small knoll, according to Androscoggin County Sheriff’s Sgt. Rielly Bryant.

Both she and her son fell from the bike and suffered “road rash,” Bryant said.

They were taken to Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston by Durham Fire and Rescue.

Petrin was issued a civil traffic summons on a charge of operating with a passenger on a permit. Her 2001 Kawasaki was demolished in the 6:39 p.m. crash with the loss set a between $4,000 and $5,000.