All about money


What is wrong with society today? I walk around and give to anyone on the streets  who asks for money or some kind of donation. I give to the United Way and to Red Cross. I give for this and that.

I try to help people in any way possible and the thanks I get is when my dog got run over, no one can help me because I have only $80 and it’s going to cost a lot more than that to even look at the dog; and I need cash up front or they can’t help.

So, what are the choices? Let the dog suffer? Or take it out back and put it to sleep the old-fashioned way?

What are people going to do without insurance for their children — make them suffer because they don’t have a way to pay cash for help?

Whatever happened to the doctors who made house calls, or veterinarians who would stop by the barn and try to help?

Today, it’s all about money and no one cares about anything else. If you don’t have money, what are you supposed to do — crawl in a hole and die?

Thanks for nothing.

Darren Strout, Auburn