Our money in our hands


As a taxpayer of the town of Mexico, I am very interested in getting the article for the secret ballot into the next election. I have seen what happens at other town meetings. Some people are intimidated, either for or against an article, because of the other people who attend the town meetings. Some are afraid to make enemies or upset their friends and neighbors.

The taxpayers of Mexico need to be informed about what their money is being spent on, and they have a right to decide what they truly want without any intimidation.

It is time to run the town like a business, not a family enterprise.

Yes, a secret-ballot election would cost more money, but the small amount it would cost each taxpayer is worth the price of everyone being able to vote the way that they want to.

This is an important article for the taxpayers to consider. The control of the town’s money needs to be in the taxpayers’ hands.

Arthur Bouchard Jr., Mexico