Monmouth Academy Winter Carnival


This winter at Monmouth Academy, students took part in the annual Winter Carnival. It was a time when students from all four grades competed in different events to see who would become the champions of Winter Carnival. The day ended up being filled with games, messy faces and lots of laughter.

The carnival was action packed all day, beginning with putting the students’ brains to work. Different tests covering everything from history to math were taken by each grade to earn themselves points. Relieved to have the thinking part over with, all the students were packed into the gymnasium where the real fun would begin.

Egg toss, three legged race, relays, frozen t-shirt contest, and tug of war were just some of the games that the students played. Strength contests, such as holding a gallon of water over your head or an arm wrestling match, got students up on their feet cheering for their grade. You could hear laughter from the crowd as well as sighs of disappointment after a team lost a contest. The biggest of the wars was between the juniors and seniors. No senior wanted to lose to a little junior and every junior wanted to kick the seniors off their high horse.

The chocolate cream pie-eating contest had people so covered in pie that their faces were completely black. The cracker-eating contest had students blowing out chunks of crackers that they could not get down their throat. Funny things like this went on throughout the day.

When it was time for the sled-judging contest, the creators of the different sleds showed them to the entire audience. The sled-making contest is very serious and the students put in a lot of time to win. Some people even started working on their sled in the summer. The sleds included a Batman mobile sled, a rocket, which was amazing, and a vampire’s coffin sled. The freshmen failed to create one for the contest. In the end, the seniors made the winning sled by creating the Batman mobile.

Cake making competitions, test taking, and tons of other activities went on throughout the day and it all added up to the final activity of the day, the skits. Each grade came up with a different skit to perform for the whole school. Some of these were well thought out and cracked up the students, such as the junior skit where students were dressed up as Darth Vader and a nerd. The juniors were the winners of the skits, but no one was sure who would win the entire winter carnival competition.

When everything was over, everyone gathered around a screen where the winners would be named. Coming in fourth place were the freshmen and in third place were the sophomores. The juniors came in second and the seniors walked away the winners of winter carnival. No matter who won, it was a fun time for all and juniors, there is always next year!

Pictured above center right to left: Louis Masi and Scott Turcotte carry the junior sled for the contest. At left the junior cake for the theme of “Zombies” decorated by Scott Turcotte.