Moose, deer killed in separate crashes


MEXICO – Late night foraging on Route 2 in Mexico and Wilton Tuesday, proved fatal for a moose and deer and caused an estimated $4,300 in damage to two vehicles, police said.

Jason Place, 29, of South Paris, wasn’t injured after the tractor-trailer truck he was driving east on Route 2, struck a young bull moose shortly before 10 p.m. about a mile east of Wal-Mart, Mexico Patrolman Jeffrey Stoddard said at the scene.

Stoddard estimated damage to the Midwest Price Co. LLC big rig at $2,500.

At about 9:20 p.m., about a mile east of Morrison Hill in Wilton, Andrea J. Hoffman, 23, of Industry, struck a large doe with a 1991 Chevrolet sedan, Wilton Patrolman Ed Leahy said at the scene.

Neither Hoffman, who was driving west on Route 2, or her teenaged sister passenger, Kelsey Ayala of Wilton, were injured, Leahy added.

Damage to the car, which had to be towed, was estimated at $1,800.

Drivers approaching both accident scenes had to brake to avoid additional wildlife in the highway, a young moose in Mexico, and another large doe on the Dixfield side of Morrison Hill.

Robert Miner of DEW Animal Kingdom in Mount Vernon, who came for the dead deer, said at the scene that on the way there, he counted 20 deer near or on the road.

Leahy said drivers should be watching for deer and moose in roads at night. On Monday, he said a young girl driving with her window down in Wilton, was “kissed by a moose” after she hit the brakes to avoid colliding with it.

Leahy said she slid up to the moose, which snorted into her face when the car stopped right beside it, then ambled off.