Morally skewed


It sounds to me that the spirit of Richard M. Nixon is alive and well in the Vatican.

Protestant reformers of the 16th century, in breaking with Rome, held that their churches, such as Calvinist, Lutheran and Episcopalian, among others, should have a married clergy. They supported this position by claiming that the clergy should not become a spiritual elite, vouchsafed by celibacy; that clergy should have a wife in order to understand marriage from within and not from without, and to prevent the temptation to engage in sexual misconduct.

The principle is as valid today as it was then.

I am enraged that any religious institution, especially one which claims absolute infallibility in faith and doctrine, should turn out to be so indifferent to its own self-righteous bad works.

Pedophilia seems to be rampant in Europe and may turn up here as well. Maine Bishop Richard Malone, and other bishops in states voting on same-sex marriage referenda, condoned and promoted the worst smear and fear campaigns ever through their political hacks.

Then, to top it off, the Portland archdiocese cuts its funding to the Preble Street Food Pantry in Portland because the organization supported the same-sex marriage referendum. How mean-spirited can you get?


How can a Christian hierarchy be so morally skewed?

If I were a Roman Catholic, with those moral lapses so evident, I’d be so ashamed I would leave that faith behind, as others of the same mind have already done.

John B. Muir, Auburn