Mountain range extends to Canada


DEAR SUN SPOTS: We have always admired the view from the top of the hill on North Hill Road in Buckfield heading toward town and have often speculated that the mountain ranges extend all the way to Canada.

Has anyone ever researched those mountains such as names, locations, etc.? — Everett, Sumner, [email protected]

ANSWER: The Appalachian Mountain Range (including that famous trail that so many people trek) does indeed extend all the way to Canada, and the terrain is well documented. Sun Spots found the following at

“The New England Mountains are all geologically part of the Appalachian Mountain system that extends from foothills in Mississippi to Newfoundland in maritime Canada. These are old mountain ranges formed when Africa collided with North America over half a billion years ago. Millions of years of wind and rain have eroded and softened the peaks.

“In New England these mountain ranges include the Berkshires in Massachusetts, Green Mountains in Vermont, and the White Mountains in New Hampshire and Maine.

“Just to confuse everybody on some maps and guidebooks the White Mountains in Maine are also called the Longfellow Mountains.


“The vast ice sheets that extended north out of Canada into New England during the great glacier age left their own marks on the New England Mountains as they scrapped and molded the tops and sides creating the softer peaks of the Green Mountains, and created cirques in the White Mountain range.”

Many of the specific mountains also have names. Sun Spots cannot be sure which way you were looking, but she speculates Streaked Mountain. If you look at a Maine Gazeteer (a detailed map book, which includes topographical detail), you may be able to identify the mountains around you.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: This is something I have been wondering about for a while. Maybe Sun Spots or a reader will know. There is an old farmhouse and outbuildings on Route 132 in Wales right next to Central Maine Power’s power line expansion.

The house and buildings were raised and moved over to make room for the expansion work, but it’s been a year or two that they have remained up on blocks and are now falling into disrepair.

Farm animals are on the property, but what happened to the people living there and why has their home never been settled back into a new location? — No Name, No Town

ANSWER: Sun Spots doesn’t know anything. Perhaps a reader will have some information. 

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I enjoy doing courses from a company called “Great Courses.” I would like to make contact with like persons to exchange courses of mutual interest, mainly ancient history, religion, art. Please contact me via email at [email protected] — Jim Wohlrab

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Thanks to all the people who helped me with getting the crochet hooks I needed (Jan. 15 letter). Sun Spots comes through again! Thanks. — C. Park, South Paris

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I, like many other folks, love reading your column and have received your help several times. Hope to have help with this request for a craft project . Does anyone have any used Hallmark Peanuts greeting cards that they would part with? I need quite a few and will return postage for all received. Thank you in advance. — B. L.Doherty, 220 Franklin St. Apt. 8, Rumford, ME 04276

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