Move the people forward


As inflammatory, divisive rhetoric pours forth through the media, I hear only silence from a party that waves the flag of patriotism but stands silently by while its right wing subverts the Constitution and the principles on which our country was founded.

I keep hoping for a modern-day Margaret Chase Smith, who had the courage to denounce Sen. Joe McCarthy’s vicious attack on fundamental American principles in the 1950s. But I see no one among today’s Republican leadership — not Susan Collins, not Olympia Snowe, not any of the would-be GOP governors of Maine.

Who will step forward and say out loud that the bigoted, slanderous, anti-American ravings of Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, the Cheney kid and their ilk do not represent the true Republican view of America?

Who will articulate a constructive alternative, based not on “just say no,” but on a vision that will move this state, this country and all its people forward?

Bill Berlinghoff, Farmington