MSEA letter was insulting


This is a response to a recent rebuttal letter to the editor by the president of the Maine State Employees Association, Bruce Hodsdon (March 23).

Hardworking citizens of the state are getting sick and tired of being held captive by powerful unions represented by Hodsdon’s bloated membership. Maine has more public employees than nearly any state as a percent of the population, and generous pay and perks that far exceed the majority of the population.

Many state workers, firemen, police and teachers do work hard, which we can only expect them to do.

Maine is a tough state in which to do business, with some of the highest taxes in the nation. To be critical of business, which generates the money to pay all of the excessive benefits of public employees that far exceed benefits of most workers in manufacturing, farming and fishing, is wrong.

His letter was insulting to all of us.

J. Philip Rea, Auburn