MTV Music Awards


NEW YORK (AP) – Jessica Alba, ubiquitous in magazine “sexy” polls, hopes to show fans a different side of herself when she hosts the MTV Movie Awards this week.

The 25-year-old actress intends to be funny at the awards show, which will take place Saturday night at Sony Picture Studios in Culver City, Calif. and air June 8 (9 p.m. EDT).

Comedy is the show’s theme, with “The 40 Year-Old Virgin” and “Wedding Crashers” leading the nominees with five each.

Alba will perform Billy Crystal-style parodies of the big films of the past year. Exactly which movies she won’t say, but one can suspect a more appealing version of “Brokeback Mountain.”

Aside from hosting, she is also nominated for three golden popcorn trophies – sexiest performance for “Sin City” and best hero and best on-screen team with Michael Chiklis, Chris Evans and Ioan Gruffudd for “Fantastic Four.”

Promotions for the MTV Movie Awards have already begun showcasing less-known aspects of Alba – that she plays golf, does Tao Bo and loves to cook.

In a recent interview, Alba – frequently confined to the two-dimensional world of comic-book movies – says she’s looking forward to the freedom of the open stage.

As you prepare, are you adapting to the role of awards-show host?

Alba: It’s going to be different than the normal MTV Awards. I don’t think it really feels like you’re watching an awards show. Me being involved and being an actor, not really a comedian – but I’m doing comedic stuff – I think it just makes it feel a little different. I’m not a TV personality. I guess it’s more sort of the way when Lindsay Lohan did it.

AP: Do you think this will give people a better perspective of your personality?

Alba: Yeah! I’m totally excited! Because usually I get hired for movies and I can’t write them, and I have to say what’s already there. This just allows me to have a little bit of input in what I’m doing and show a goofier side – and to play. I am an actress because I like to play. Usually I get to play in more serious roles, but this is fun to do something that’s completely crazy and wild.

How many outfit changes will you get in?

Alba: Probably four or five. I’m not ridiculous and I’m not a diva. And I really don’t like fitting. Clothes are nice, but to be honest, jeans and T-shirts and boots or sneakers, I’m good to go. Dressing up is fun, but after four changes, I get exhausted.

You played a dancer in “Honey,” so will you be shaking a leg at the MTV Awards?

Alba: I don’t think so. I offered that up. I said it would be funny if I was hidden as a back-up dancer, but doing it really bad – because I’m not a real dancer. But I think it would distract from the performer.

What can you tell us about the surprises we can expect without giving anything away?

Alba: I can’t give away any of them! (Except for) the lineup of all the celebrities that are going to be there.

That’s such a cop out.

Alba: To me the thing that makes the Movie Awards so interesting is the fact that fans get to vote. So nobody knows who the winners are going to be.

Is there any magazine poll of “sexiest” or “best girlfriend material” that you haven’t topped?

Alba: (Laughs) You know I don’t really keep track of that kind of stuff. I’m usually like, “Oh, that’s nice.” I’m always the last to find those kinds of things out, but I’m really, truly grateful that people show up to the movies that I’m in and tune in to the stuff I’m on.