Too much hate


This is in response to the Sun Journal article “Taking on hate” (March 28).

It seems that there is enough hate in the world today. There are many liberals who detest people who believe in the existence of God. Others who hold rancor toward others who are different. I am reminded of the lies spoken in testimony before the U.S. Senate by those against immigration of people from Eastern Europe; claims that people having a sloping forehead had a lower I.Q. than people of the West. One can only wonder if that testimony came into play at Yalta just before the close of World War II, when the Allies sold out the Eastern Europeans to Stalin, a communist.

My mother’s side of the family came from Slovakia and I had a chance to visit there in 1998. There was no hate between different people there, unlike what is found in the U.S. today.

Why should there be so much focus on malice, even in the newspapers?

It’s time to have a different center of attention. There should be more feel-good stories, for a change, that readers might delight in seeing. Perhaps that would boost readership.

I have tried to share good stories but they fall on deaf ears. It is important to tell about different people, different cultures and history. Are we not trying to push diversity today? Not hate?

Richard Nadeau, Lisbon Falls