We must pay off some of our debt


If the town of Woodstock were a million dollars in debt, would town officials say, “our economy is doing well”?

If a middle-class family had a $500,000 mortgage on their house, would they say, “We are well off economically”?

The Bush administration has led the country into billions of dollars of debt to China, Japan and other countries. How can they say the economy is doing well?

It seems that China and Japan are the ones that are doing well. Corporate America, along with the oil companies and Wal-Mart, are doing well.

With the price of gas, heat and other expenses constantly rising and jobs going out of the country, too many citizens are suffering financially. When and how will our country ever get out of debt?

On May 11, Congress passed a $70 billion tax cut. It appears that we will be borrowing more from China and Japan to give the wealthy more of their money back.

I expect to realize maybe $10 or $20 from this tax cut. I’d gladly donate it back if government officials would use it to pay off some of that debt. But then, I’ve never been one who constantly complains about taxes.

Nancy Willard, Woodstock