Must reject GOP platform


I am shocked that so-called “independent” and “common sense” Republican Peter Mills did not forcefully reject the new and preposterous Republican Party platform recently ratified by the state GOP.

Mills tell us again and again that he is out for “pragmatic” solutions, and that he has a “concrete” and “practical” plan to move Maine forward. Amusingly enough, this centrist, common-sense campaign pitch has taken a back seat during this Republican primary as Mills shamelessly trolls for votes from even the looniest right-wingers. Thus, his refusal to condemn a party platform that includes a rejection of the United Nations, decries climate change as a “myth” and a conspiracy between government and industry, calls for the removal of all government oversight of the energy industry and the opening of all lands to coal, oil and natural gas exploitation, and hilariously opposes those mythical straw men of right-wing paranoia: “Acorn,” “Political Correctness” and the “One World Government.”

If those Looney Tunes policies do not reflect Mills’ positions, he should have the courage to tell us. His refusal to do so means he either agrees with the platform, or, in shameful and cowardly fashion, that he is compromising his principles in the name of political opportunity.

I’m not sure which is worse: the former would demonstrate a lack of intelligence; the latter deficient honesty. I would ask Mills, which is it?

Daniel Salerno, Farmington