My view on the military


In response to a letter from Andrew Hall (“Trump sold out the nation,” Jan. 26), I would like to share my experience as a veteran who served during the Korean Conflict on the DDE 861 for four years.

This is my opinion of the military and not my opinion of Trump and/or politics mentioned in that letter.

Hall said that he “served during a time when military members were treated with scorn and disrespect by many Americans,” wondering why he even enlisted when all he got was low pay, sneers and belittlement.

I was pleased to be getting paid every two weeks, having three square meals a day, receiving free health and dental care, free clothing, being able to do my laundry for no fee, and having the opportunity to sail to other countries — that I may not have visited if I had not enlisted in the military.

The only time I ever witnessed scorn and disrespect was when a drunken sailor was urinating in a telephone booth or vomiting in a gutter. Which, in reality, most individuals would feel was inappropriate behavior by any human being.

I will say, when returning home to Maine a soldier could always get a ride while hitchhiking if in uniform. Today, I would never feel secure giving a hitchhiker a ride even if they were in military clothing.

Times have changed and respect has decreased in many ways. I’m sorry, but I don’t agree with Hall’s letter regarding the military and wanted to explain why I feel the way I do.

Herb Robertson USN BT3, Livermore Falls