Myspace becomes the new fear: What are we afraid of?


MySpace is one of most powerful websites in our culture. It offers a network of friends, personal profiles, blogs, groups, photos, music, and videos.

Available to anyone, MySpace has a registration average of 230,000 people per day, according to Wikipedia Online. With that high rate, Internet predators increase as well. MySpace has become the newest concern of parents.

Although there are some restrictions and safety options provided on MySpace, they are not always taken or used properly. A few reasons are that users may not be aware of the safety options; they want to meet new people so they keep their profile available to everyone; or they don’t know how to change it. Also, many people can find ways around them.

Something as simple as lying about your age can open up opportunities to predators or victims. Someone you think may be a teenager similar to you may turn out to be a 50-year-old man posing as a young adult.

“So many sex predators create profiles that may be false, just to cruise on MySpace for that purpose,” say Nelson Williams, the Assistant Dean of Students at PRHS. Williams deals with these cases a lot throughout his day. If necessary, he uses MySpace profiles as evidence in an issue brought to him.

Williams also states that there has been a case where MySpace was the direct evidence of a crime that was taken to court and led to thirty-five hours of community service for the offender.

MySpace has been in recent news stories to help make parents and guardians aware of the booming website. Many stories have reported safety precautions, dangers of the site, cases that have involved MySpace, and much more information regarding the risks of this social site.

These have influenced many parents’ thoughts about whether they want their children involved in it or not.

There is no way of stopping sexual predators, but a lot has been done to try to reduce the risk of being a victim.